About us

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KFK was founded in 1996 in Varna, Bulgaria. At the very beginning the company performed mainly projects for repair equipment, responding to the needs of the growing Russian market. A team of experienced engineers was formed throughout the years who laid the foundation of the further production.


the beginning of the new millennium marked a new beginning for KFK as well. During that year the company made serious steps to its future development as a serious producer. New production facilities were acquired and the company started the organization of a production in Bulgaria. Our main products were again the machines for industrial repair, which have been previously designed.
Then started the complicated process of acquisition and perfection of the production capacities continuing so far. This resulted in the differentiation of the production sectors as they are nowadays:
The hull workshop with the possibility for welding and bending of sheet material, surface treatment, powder coating, a small sector for heat treatment, monitoring and measurement devices department


Another important step in 2001- we obtained an ISO Certificate. The Quality Management System have had an impact on all structural levels of the company, optimizing them.


In 2005 we enriched the nomenclature of our products starting the design of machines for industrial repair works. We designed attachments for road construction machines and forklifts, hydraulic elevators, snow shovels and many others. Production of kiosks for non-cash payments was launched as well. This idea would later develop in the design of coffee-machines with payment functions.


This period also marked the start of our cooperation with foreign clients like Rolls Royce and later Atlas Copco as well as other renowned industrial companies, who recognized KFK as their Bulgarian partner.


We reorganized the machining of details in a separate workshop where existing machines were grouped according to their specialization. The production capacity of this workshop was substantially increased with the purchase of new CNC lathes and machining centers.


In 2012 we started and later realized a project for the manufacture of coffee-machines with payment functions. This product found its market in Romania where the number of our machines continues to increase.

Improved models of our coffee machines are in process of development. It is one of the few innovative and highly technological products manufactured in Bulgaria

Production capacities 

  • Hull workshop

    With the ability to cut, weld and bend metal products.

  • Metalworking workshop

    For precision machining of the products (turning, milling, etc.)

  • Paint shop

    Line for conventional and powder painting.

  • KIP&A

    Backgammon, industrial electronics and automation. More…

  • Thermal treatment

    Furnaces and baths for annealing.

  • Design department

    We recreate your ideas in reality.

Ognian Spasov Regional Manager, EM

Our relationship with KFK is a result of long lasting and fruitful collaboration.

Upon orders they have produced for us the following items:

• Machined parts
• Excavator attachments
• Road Construction Machinery Attachments
• Snow buckets
• Fork Extensions
and many more machines and metal products.

As a result we are extremely satisfied with both the diverse capacities in metal processing and the ability to propose complete solutions, targeted at various industrial needs. No less important is the financial correctness between our companies.
Neither market disturbances nor financial crises have managed to break up our partnership and we will be glad to continue the same way. We can recommend KFK with confidence to anyone interested in their capabilities and products.

Andrey Stanev Manager, Navisim

We develop mainly navigation software for education purposes and entrusted KFK with the production of the hardware – namely a bridge-simulator. We are satisfied with the quality of both the housing of the unit and the electrical completion of the simulator.
Our partners at KFK successfully fulfilled the project, building up the housing, enabling all communications and software control and finally achieving a good appearance of the whole cabinet – important to our customers. Thank you all at KFK for the good quality design and adequate technical solutions provided.